The Ultimate LGBT Movies Fall 2023 Schedule from The HomoCulture

Discover what you should watch the fall with the LGBT Movies Fall 2023 Schedule from the HomoCulture.

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This article was published on September 26th, 2023

We’ve all been there. It’s a Saturday evening, and you’re flicking through Netflix, then to Prime, and then to Apple TV. An hour goes by, maybe two, and you realize you’ve been so consumed by the plethora of choices that you’ve not actually settled on anything.

And to add to the frustration?

A lack of stories that truly resonate with the LGBTQ+ experience. 

Well, the solution has landed: the LGBT movies fall 2023 schedule from HomoCulture.

Gather ’round, and let’s unravel this must-watch list, shall we?

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HomoCulture LGBT Movies Fall 2023 Schedule

If you’re still reading you’ve likely experienced the doom scrolling outlined above and know how much it sucks. Recognizing this problem, we’ve curated the LGBT Movies Fall 2023 Schedule.

This collection promises tales rich in authenticity, diversity, and passion, representing the vastness of the LGBTQ+ experience.

Say goodbye to indecisive scrolling and mark your calendars; here’s a guide to films that are not only worth your time but show our community in the media. 

Bottoms – (Out now)

Step into the vibrant world of PJ and Josie, two audacious girls with dreams bigger than their small town. In their unyielding desire to make their presence felt, they curiously concoct a fight club. But it’s not your typical adrenaline-infused brawl hub; this one has an unconventional aim: to get closer to the admired cheerleaders. As whispers of this club spread like wildfire and even the high school elite are drawn into the fray, PJ and Josie find themselves sailing turbulent waters, dealing with the unexpected reverberations of their audacious decisions.

Watch:  In theaters.

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe – (Out now)

Turn the pages of time and find yourself in the sun-drenched streets of 1987 El Paso. Here, two teenagers, Aristotle and Dante, form an inseparable bond that goes beyond mere friendship. As they wade through their adolescent years, the conservative tapestry of their town makes their journey a testament to love, resilience, and identity. Their story, punctuated by laughter, tears, and revelations, serves as a beacon for every soul yearning to find its place in the universe.

Watch: A cinematic treat awaiting you in theaters.

Rotting in the Sun – (Out now)

Venture into the sun-kissed landscape of a tranquil Mexican beach town where the worlds of a weary filmmaker and a vibrant Instagram star collide. When Sebastian Silva stumbles upon the charismatic Jordan Firstman, sparks fly, leading to a creative partnership neither anticipated. This alliance takes many whimsical and unexpected paths, weaving a tale that blurs reality with fiction, offering a fresh perspective on modern relationships and storytelling.

Watch: Experience it firsthand in theaters starting September 8.

Cassandro – (Out now)

Bear witness to the awe-inspiring journey of Saúl Armendáriz, a fierce spirit in the testosterone-fueled realm of Lucha Libre. As Saúl metamorphoses into Cassandro, his glittering, flamboyant alter-ego, he battles not just opponents in the ring but societal norms that threaten to pull him down. Yet, with unparalleled determination and a heart of gold, Cassandro rises, redefining the world of wrestling one bout at a time.

Watch: Catch this spectacle in theaters on September 25 and streaming on Prime Video starting September 22.

Something You Said Last Night – (Out now)

Delve into the intricate tapestry of Ren’s life, a young woman at the crossroads of her existence. As she oscillates between her burgeoning self-awareness, the stifling grip of her well-meaning parents, and a career that demands more than she’s prepared for, the film beautifully encapsulates the essence of contemporary youth. At its core, it’s a tender exploration of the age-old dance between personal aspirations, familial expectations, and the quest for self.

Watch: Premiering in NY at The Quad on September 22 and making its debut in LA at The Culver Theater on September 29.

Dicks: The Musical – September 29

Lose yourself in a world of melody, mirth, and mistaken identities as two businessmen discover their shared lineage. Unbeknownst to the world, they’re twins, and their reunion kicks off a mission filled with shenanigans and side-splitting moments. As they navigate their newfound relationship, they’re wrapped up in a whirlwind of tunes, twists, and terrifically hilarious situations.

Watch: Ready to entertain in theaters near you.

Still with us as we present the LGBT Movies Fall 2023 Schedule?

Haven’t left our page yet? It’s likely you know exactly what we are talking about with not finding good LGBTQIA+ content. We feel your pain when it comes to looking for LGBT movies that aren’t cringeworthy and showing our community in the wrong light. 

What do we mean by this? Movies and shows that fail to show our struggles and how we overcome them.

Think… Modern family, where the white, middle class gay couple’s biggest issue is dealing with their daughter’s realization that she has two dads and in one episode screaming “I’m gay! I’m gay! I’m not Korean, I’m gay” at the top of her lungs in a Korean restaurant. (If you’re unfamiliar with modern family, the couple adopted their daughter from Korea.)

Such a situation is not super relatable for most people in our community who are often oppressed, disowned, and put at a disadvantage before they start their lives. 

This, along with doom scrolling, is the primary reason we decided to create the Queer films schedule for 2023. 

If you’re still here drop us a comment and let us know what you think about our Fall 2023 Gay movies schedule…

Now back to the LGBT Movies Fall 2023 Schedule from The HomoCulture. 

Good Grief — TBD

Journey alongside Marc as he traverses the cobblestone streets of Paris, seeking solace and understanding after life deals him two heavy blows. Dan Levy masterfully crafts a story drenched in nostalgia, introspection, and the timeless allure of the City of Love. As Marc grapples with grief, love, and rediscovery, audiences are invited to reflect on the fragility and beauty of human existence.

Watch: Stay tuned for Netflix’s grand reveal of the release date. (we tried, but we couldn’t find it just yet)

Rock Hudson: All That Heaven Allowed (Out now)

Embark on a deeply intimate exploration of Rock Hudson’s multifaceted life. Beyond the glitz of his stardom lay a man who embraced joy, faced challenges head-on, and lived his truth discreetly. This documentary sheds light on his monumental impact, not only on Hollywood but also on the very fabric of the LGBTQ community’s history. Watch: Currently streaming on Max.

Red, White & Royal Blue (Out now)

Enter a world where the corridors of power become the backdrop for a blossoming forbidden romance. The tale unfolds as Alex and Henry, once adversaries, find their destinies intertwined. With each stolen glance and covert rendezvous, they create a tapestry of love that’s both delightfully humorous and deeply moving. Their story serves as a testament to the heart’s uncanny ability to find its match in the unlikeliest of places.

Watch: Available for streaming on Prime Video from August 11.

Wrapping Up with Pride: Your Fall 2023 LGBTQ+ Cinema Guide

Armed with this handpicked list, you hold the key to a season full of LGBTQ+ tales that journey through genres, emotional terrains, and the intricate webs of relationships.

A standout amongst these, “Rock Hudson: All That Heaven Allowed,” serves as a bridge to our roots. It provides the younger LGBTQIA+ generation (those that identify as gay men)  with a glimpse into the narratives that have paved the way for today’s LGBTQ+ community. 

This film highlights the struggles and triumphs of those who came before us. So, we highly recommend you make “Rock Hudson: All That Heaven Allowed” a priority. 

So, prepare your favorite snacks, cozy up with a blanket, and enjoy these enthralling stories of love, loss, fervor, and self-discovery.

We’d love to hear from you. If you’ve seen any of these films, share your thoughts. If not, tell us which ones pique your interest and why. Your insights not only enrich our community but also foster a deeper appreciation for the stories we hold dear.

And, if you’re looking for shows instead of movies check out our gay shows this autumn article.

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