Tips and secrets for keeping your baby face

Daily routines and regular maintenance will provide beautiful results that will help keep your baby face for years to come.

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This article was published on February 17th, 2018

Tips and secrets for keeping your baby faceMaintaining a youthful look is important to a lot of people. Many people do not feel their real age, and for some, they can also keep their youthful looks. It’s called having a baby face. For some, it comes almost naturally, with little or no maintenance required; however, for others, extra care and attention is required. While there is no magic formula or fountain of youth, there are some tips and secrets that can help you maintain your baby face looks before age lines, wrinkles, and sun spots take over.

Moisturizing is essential for keeping your skin looking and feeling soft, young, and supple. Drinking plenty of water each and every day flushes toxins from your body, which helps to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy, from the inside, out.

Creams and lotions can also keep your skin moisturized. It is a great way to instantly nourish, hydrate, and protect the surface layer of skin. Daytime moisturizers typically have an SPF to reduce some of the sun’s harmful rays. Night creams, typically heavier and thicker, soak deep into the skin, which is great for repairing damage.

While being out in the sun feels great, and the vitamin D is good for you, the sun is also the worst enemy for your skin. The rays from the sun burn and dry skin cells, damage skin, and cause sun spots, all which result in skin to age prematurely. Avoiding direct fun and using sunscreen when outdoors, especially on sunny days, is essential. Sunscreen should have an SFP of 50 or higher to protect your face. Wearing a hat can also reduce the amount of direct sun on your face.

Each night before bed, washing your face with a face cleanser will remove unwanted oils, make-up, pollution, and dirt from the surface of your skin, allowing your pores to remain clear. For best results, after washing your face with cleanser, allow your skin to air dry, and immediately apply a moisturizer.

Done on a weekly basis, exfoliating is a fantastic method to quickly refresh and rejuvenate your skin. Scrubs and masks remove dead skin cells and pollution trapped in the top layer of your skin, unclog pores, and can remove excess oils.

For monthly maintenance, microdermabrasion is a cosmetic procedure using tiny crystals to remove dead skin cells. It’s a non-invasive treatment, that when used as part of a complete maintenance program, can elevate your skin quality, helping skin to recover and repair at a faster rate.

Having a fresh shaved face each day is also important to having the baby face look. The best time to shave is immediately after a hot, steamy shower. That is when your skin is the softest, and supplest, which results in a closer shave. For best results, use a high-quality shaving lather, avoiding shaving creams and gels, which often have harmful and skin-damaging ingredients. Use a razor with a fresh blade. Razors with multiple blades help with getting an extra close shave, which results in a more youthful look. Shave in the direction off the hair growth for beset results. After shaving, use a fresh, hot, damp cloth to remove any excess shaving lather, and apply aftershave balm.

Make-up, concealers, and matting powders are other options for giving a youthful, glowing appearance, but should be used sparingly, otherwise it can result in unnatural looks. High quality lip balms are a great way to keep your lips plump and moisturized. Whitening your teeth can also help in providing a bright, youthful look. A fresh, clean-cut haircut can also go a long way to helping you achieve a baby face look.

Deep age lines and wrinkles quickly reduce the look of a baby face. While unavoidable with age, they can be treated using injections, like Botox, to suppress lines. This option isn’t right for everyone. Injectables can become highly addictive due to the instant and gratifying results they provide. One you start you have to continue; discontinuing will result in the wrinkles and lines return at an even deeper level, resulting in a further aged look. This option can also result in over-injecting, which over-plumps the skin, resulting in fake and unnatural appearances. Be very careful if you consider injectables as an option for maintaining your baby face look.

Caring for your skin is the best secret for maintaining a baby face. Daily routines and regular maintenance will provide beautiful results that will help keep your baby face for years to come. The earlier you start, the greater you will look in your later years. Even if you are nearing or in your middle years, caring for your skin can have fantastic results, giving you glowing, healthy skin that will help your look radiant.

Tips and secrets for keeping your baby face


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