Travel Tricks to Embrace and Scams to Avoid

Common scams and cons to avoid and some tips to ensure your gaycation is as great as you anticipate.

Travel Travel Tips Koelen Andrews

This article was published on January 19th, 2020

Traveling is the best education you can receive, so voyage smart and travel wisely. Don’t get sucked into scams and situations you could have avoided while away on holigay. Here are some common scams and cons to avoid and some tips to ensure your gaycation is as great as you anticipate.

Do your research before you go. Map out things like your local queer watering hole in your temporary new vacation neighborhood. Check out the hours. Read up on travel advisories and cautions. Be prepared for things that are different than the “normality” you know back home in North America. Know before you go is the best policy. The better informed you are about your destination, the easier your trip will be and certainly more enjoyable!

Keep your wallet or money clip in your front pocket. If you’ve got to carry a bag with you, think about wearing a fanny pack type bag Euro style: over one shoulder with the bulk of the bag under your armpit. It’s the most secure way to wear a bag and quite a stylish look RN in Europe and Asia.

Avoid the “accidental” run in. That person who just bumped into you or is asking you to sign that petition or tried to have you concentrate on something while either they or someone else robs you from behind is a scary but very real tactic pickpocketers use to distract you from their thievery. Be weary of anyone trying to distract you from your possessions.

The space invader. Perfect strangers have no right or business in your personal space. Always question and hold onto your personal belongings. Be conscientious of someone all up in your grill and what they’re doing in your space.

The overly friendly local. People are inherently kind. There are those out there willing to help you. Just be cautious of someone really going out of their way to help you. Chances are, they want something from you more than just wings in heaven or good karma.

Keep you eye on your cocktail / beverage at all times. There are f-ed up people in this world looking to pray on people not paying attention to their drinks. Date rape drugs can be used to rape, violate, or rob a person, leaving them unconscious with little to no memory of the events that occurred before or following their involuntary drugging. Never let your drinks out of your sight.

Don’t accept the first price. Shop around for the best deal. Chances are, you’ll be able to either negotiate a better price or will find just as good or better of a deal than the first option you were given.

Beat the bad taxi scam. Before you get into a strange taxi, make sure you both agree upon where you’re going and what price you’re going to pay. Have the route mapped out to make sure he isn’t leading you astray or trying to wrack your charges by taking you the long way around.

Beware of the bait and switch. You’ll be looking at a product you love and by the time you get it safely back to the hotel, you realize the shop owner switched your item for one of lesser quality. That or your receive the wrong change for an product your purchased. This trickery can be avoided by patiently waiting for the correct change and keeping an eye on what’s being given to you, before you leave the store.

Have any more travel tips or scams to avoid? Leave your comments below to help other HomoCulture travellers survive the scams and cons encountered while travelling.

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