Ultimate 2019 Halloween Costume Ideas for Gay Men

Here are 10 fresh Halloween costume ideas that gay men are going to be sporting in 2019.

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This article was published on October 17th, 2019

Mean Girls reiterated that Halloween is a great holiday to look like a slut (I’m a mouse…duh!), but gay guys need to put more creative effort into their ensemble than just a harness, some bootie shorts, and some make up. Halloween is when you get to dress up and be someone else for the night. Don’t be basic with your All Hallow’s Eve look. Here are 10 Halloween costume suggestions fitting for 2019.

Avengers. For comic book kweens and superhero fetishists this is your chance to play a real life super villain—or shero—depending on who’s your fave Avenger or comic book crush. Don’t worry, you can still make superhero sexy.

AHS 1984. This season of American Horror Story is already serving some totally radical 80s lewks, so work out your best Gus Kenworthy crop top, tube socks, Daisy Dukes and just a hint of homophobia. You’ll either nail 1984 or resemble Stranger Things.

It. That creepy ass clown is our prediction as the most popular Halloween costume of 2019. You’ll float too, in a yellow raincoat, hat, rain boots, and red balloon, the other signature look from the new sequel.

Greta Thunberg. The most famous 16-year-old in the world is making waves with her climate activism and her Blue Steel death look: “How Dare You!” at the United Nations, recently. You can make it a couple costume by dressing up a friend or partner as Earth, the planet the young teenager is trying so desperately to save, a tree, or the climate a la a 7th grade science project style.

Judy Garland. Come on get happy by dressing up in one of many of Judy’s signature looks. A black Stetson, black blazer, and black mini skirt or shorts with black mini pumps would be an obvious nod. Her yellow brick roaring Dorothy year would be unmistakeable. A red sparkling evening gown might have queens gagging on the blvd after seeing the new Renée Zellweger biopic.

Hustlers. This is your chance to do slutty drag with a Magic Mike nod. While few can pull off the sexiness of Jennifer López, there’s plenty of stunning women in the Hustlers movie to model your costume off of. From Cardi B to Lizzo, the options are limitless. You might even form a slutty girl group, it several of you get on (the stripper pole) board.

Lizzo. She currently has the biggest song in the world, and it wouldn’t take a DNA test to master some of her already signature looks. A wedding gown corset with no pants and flute is basically iconic now and what many of us secretly want to wear to our own gay weddings.

Pikachu. Channel your inner Pokémon Go, mixed with a little puppy play or furry love, and surely you can come up with a cute costume all the gay anime fans will love. They’ll stan for a good Detective Pikachu, for sure. Go as the whole gang for a fun group costume.

Disney Prince. Since Hollywood is remaking everything it’s ever done, you can most certainly recycle your Aladdin costume from five years ago. And now, you’ve got the abs to show ‘me off. There are plenty of other sexy Disney prince ideas to choose from. What about a nearly drowned Prince Erik: pants ripped, shirt flung open? Tarzan is basically in nothing. King Tritan, while not a prince, allows you to get your mermaid and shirtlessness on.

Rocketman/ Sir Elton John. Arguably the best biopic film of the year came out this summer, and there are few queer male fashion icons as noteworthy as Elton John. Over-sized sunglasses, platform shoes, lots of feathers, and more sequins than Liberatchi is all it takes to make your own Elton John come to life.

Got any really good Halloween costume ideas? Send them our way or comment below!


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