White Party Palm Springs 2017: renewed confidence in 28th annual event

Dishing the dirt on everything from entertain to outfits at White Party Palm Springs.

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This article was published on May 16th, 2017

Another White Party has come and gone, with Jeffery Sanker and his incredible production team put on another epic annual event. Party goers from around the world descended on Palm Springs, May 5-7, for White Party Palm Springs 2017, the 28th annual dance festival movement.

Over the past couple of years, event organizers have attempted to modify and adjust the event, to try to keep it fresh; however, attendees pushed back, asking for their favorite elements to be returned. These included the signature Saturday night White Party entrance with white carpet, along with a surprise star-power entertainer gracing the stage. Bringing back these elements in 2017 dramatically increased the overall satisfaction and renewed confidence in the overall event.

White Party Palm Springs 2017

While the core elements of the dance festival is always maintained, there were plenty of notable moments, surprises, and exceptional moments, including a shift in mentality that while the stereotypical circuit body type is expected, less-than-perfect (normal) body types were welcomes with arms wide open. This is an important movement across the entire circuit party series, which signals a change in the circuit community, which can only make these types of events more approachable for a wider audience; however, maintaining their core audience is of prime importance for event producers to maintain a high-caliber event.

White Party Palm Springs 2017

The parties:

Throughout the weekend, the line-up of star-studded DJ’s kept people moving and shaking throughout the day, night, and into the early-morning hours. From the jam-packed Friday night party and Saturday afternoon Day Club pool party hosted by RuPaul’s Drag Race alum Shangella, to the signature Saturday night White Party at the convention center and the Sunday evening T-Dance with epic fireworks and performance by Belinda Carlisle, each party was unique and executed with exceptional production quality.

White Party Palm Springs 2017

The only minor disappointment of the weekend was the completely rained out Sunday pool party. Event organizers cannot predict Mother Nature’s actions; however, most White Party attendees were not put off by the inclement weather. They simply rose to the occasion by hosting mini parties of their own in their hotel rooms while the DJ’s played amazing beats at the pool deck, hosted orgies, chose to sleep, or even went for a bite to eat (OMG eating at a circuit party – shame!).

The Entertainment:

The music was mind-blowing. Each DJ has a unique sound and style, which kept each party distinctive and fun. Led by DJ’s like DJ Abel, Dan Slater, Wayne G, Suri, and Tom Stephan, all spun sickening sets throughout the weekend.

White Party Palm Springs 2017

At the signature Saturday night White Party event, attendees gladly welcomed back the surprise performance, which 2017 was a set performed by Maya Simantov.

Star of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kyle Richards, reigned over the weekend as Queen of White Party.

White Party Palm Springs 2017

The highlight performance of the weekend was Belinda Carlisle, whore rocked guests socks off as she performed her classic hits at the Sunday afternoon T-dance, followed by the spectacular choreographed fireworks display.

White Party Palm Springs 2017

All tea, no shade:

Circuit parties have an unsaid expectation that to attend you must be an Adonis, with bulging biceps, barrel chest, 6-pack abs, and an ass you can bounce a quarter off of. While this generally goes for the majority of White Party Palm Springs attendees, which can be intimidating for less-than-perfect gays, there was a notable shift this year in the types of people that attended, which was welcomed by all party-goers.

While there were some exceptionally skinny guys, who starved themselves to be able to have 8 or 10 packs, which wasn’t sexy or cute at all; there were an increasing visible amount of guys who fit the average gay stereotype who went to the gym 2-4 days a week and had healthy, realistic bodies. The message is simple: stop starving yourself to attend a circuit party; there’s no need. Just eat smart, go to the gym, and be the best you that you can be! You’ll totally fit in. Most importantly, you don’t need to be ‘white’ to go to White Party; everyone of all races and ethnic backgrounds are welcome!

White Party Palm Springs 2017

The other trend that peaked were guys who were wearing the same repeat outfits from years past, and from other circuit events. While it is common to repurpose, custom made and signature outfits shouldn’t be reworn unless they are completely reworked. This also goes for unique accessories. This is circuit party clothing 101 guys! Try something different. Switch it up.

Advice for future party goers:

Enough with the poor fitting clothing! Saggy speedos and hanging harnesses aren’t cute. If it doesn’t fit, don’t wear it. It’s boring gurl. If you don’t know how to adjust your harness or wear it properly, ask someone who does know how it should be worn to help fit it to your body.

White Party Palm Springs 2017

Sunscreen is your friend. Palm Springs is in a dessert and when you’re at the afternoon pool parties frolicking, drinking, and dancing the afternoon away, there’s a good chance that you’ll get a sunburn, which is never cute. Plus, there’s more pleasurable pain you could be experiencing while in bed during White Party.

White Party Palm Springs 2017

That’s a wrap:

Without question, the event organizers hosted back-to-back events with flawless execution and precision. It was a weekend of seamless parties and activities, top-rate entertainment and performers, and crowds that were hotter that the dessert heat.

White Party Palm Springs 2017

While some people frown upon circuit parties, for those who have has the opportunity to attend, they are a great way to make life-long bonds, new friends, and have amazing memories. Come and be you. Have self-confidence, and make your plans now to attend White Party Palm Springs, scheduled to return April 27-30, 2018.

White Party Palm Springs 2017

See more photos from White Party Palm Springs 2017 on the HomoCulture FaceBook page.


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