Why Communication in Relationships Matters

There are plenty of factors that can lead to positive communication in relationships.

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This article was published on August 28th, 2023

Communication in relationships is key. This applies to any dynamic too. In the workplace, with our friends and families. However, communication within a romantic relationship takes on a whole different dynamic. And in queer relationships, this is hugely important. Depending on your internet circles, it’s often a running joke that LGBTQ+ relationships tend to do better than most “hetero-normative” ones. (See the multiple, “Are the straights okay?” threads.) However, this sweeping statement doesn’t always apply to every couple. This can lead to the other running joke, that queer relationships are messy and dramatic. 

However, there are plenty of factors that can lead to positive communication in relationships. It provides excellent skills that are not only good for your relationships, but for yourself as well. And finding a partner that understands you and your communication needs is the perfect first step to a healthy relationship. 

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Shared Experiences and Communicating with Ourselves 

Being able to understand ourselves first, will make it much easier for us to understand others. We can relate to each other in our life experiences of coming out, and living our lives as openly as we can. Communication serves as a pathway to understanding and empathy. In queer relationships, where partners may come from diverse backgrounds and experiences, open dialogue allows individuals to learn about their partner’s unique journey. Sharing personal stories can create an environment where both partners feel valued and validated. 

Learning to Set Expectations and Boundaries 

Stereotypes and assumptions can seep into any relationship, potentially causing misunderstandings and resentment. This is often what leads to the aforementioned “are the straight okay” sentiment. Often those relationships start out with specific expectations for one partner to act in a certain way. In queer relationships, these stereotypes may not always be as prevalent. However, there may still be pressure for the dynamic to look or seem a certain way. Through open communication, partners can confront these stereotypes head-on, asserting their individuality and crafting a relationship based on their own terms. 

Navigating Life Challenges Gets Easier 

Queer relationships often face distinct challenges due to societal attitudes, lack of representation, and legal inequalities. Good communication becomes a crucial tool for dealing with these issues. Transparent communication provides a safe space for partners to express their fears, hopes, and needs, ultimately reinforcing the sense of solidarity. For queer relationships, this can come naturally for many. After navigating discrimination, less than supportive family, or any of the less positive aspects of being LGBTQ+ – hardships become easier together. When you’ve both been put through life’s trials, it’s easy to empathize and understand each other.  

Nurtures Intimacy and Understanding 

Intimacy is the heartbeat of romantic relationships. It involves sharing not just physical closeness but emotional vulnerability as well. For queer couples, embracing vulnerability can be an act of resistance against societal norms that may attempt to invalidate their love. Honest conversations about desires, boundaries, and emotional needs can lead to a more fulfilling and satisfying partnership.

The world is gradually becoming more inclusive and accepting of diverse identities and relationships. However, this progress is not universal, and challenges always persist. In such a landscape, the role of communication in queer relationships remains paramount. It enables partners to stay attuned to each other’s evolving needs and to navigate societal changes together.

Communication is the bedrock of all relationships, and its importance in queer relationships is undeniable. By creating spaces for understanding, empathy, and vulnerability, communication nurtures bonds that not only survive but thrive! In a world where love takes on many forms, effective communication serves as the guiding light.

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